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my name is Martin Gerke and I am composing and producing music for documentaries and feature films.

My studio has 50 sq m and consists of a recording room, a vocal booth and a control room. Here I can work without creative limitations - everything is possible - recording real drums or even a real string quartet.
A decent collection of high quality microphones offers the right model for every musical situation.

Of course there is also a huge palette of electronic sound colors partly from historic analogue synthesizers. Even here it is vital to get the sound of the real thing. The Original is always better than an emulation of a DAW can be.

Orchestral mock-ups are made with the sophisticated system of VSL and MIR.

Besides film music I also offer the opportunity to produce bands and singers and to record voice-overs audio books, commercials etc.

I am looking forward to getting a request from you!

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